Glory To Ukraine!

Have you seen the dramatic and tragic photos of Ukrainian cities damaged, and in some cases, pulverized by the Russian invasion? You can’t entirely understand the amount of damage unless you know what these cities looked like before the war.

Ukraine Map Button
Ukraine Map Button

Click on the Ukraine Map button to open an interactive map of Ukraine with the cities marked. Click any city on the map to go there, traveling back in time to before the war. Learn interesting facts about the city and browse a selection of photos that show the city the way it used to be.

Bonus: Postcards From Ukraine

I’ve stumbled upon a website that has what they term “postcards” from Ukraine. The pictures on the postcards have half the image as it used to be, and half as it is now, damaged. There are buildings from many different cities, and also one of the giant airplane, Mriya, which was Ukraine’s pride before it was destroyed in the Battle of Antonov Airport early in the war. Check it out!

Postcards from Ukraine link: Click Here. Project showing parts of buildings, and the giant plane, with the other half showing the damage.

July 26th, 2022 at 4:33 am


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